Private Equity

This business line specializes in direct investment into high growth non-public companies and in investment into certain promising start-up projects. We focus on medium-term investments into the equity capital of high growth companies managed by a professional management team. We also consider involvement in start-up projects (the post-venture phase) as an investor of record or co-investor subject to the availability of a professional team from the project proponent.

We invest mainly into the capital of companies and seek to acquire a large minority (generally, over 20%) or the controlling interest in portfolio companies. As we are first of all a financial investor, any project for us has an exit strategy from the capital through the sale of interests to a Strategic Investor or Foundation. The desired term of our involvement in a project (from commencement of financing to exit) is 3 to 4 years.

The objective of our activity is:

·         arrangement of conditions that enable the acquired/established companies to reach market leading positions;

·         investment into upcoming economy sectors;

·         attainment of a high level of return on the invested capital.

We are careful in our selection of companies and projects for investment by a thorough and comprehensive market research and analysis of the financial and operating activities, qualitative evaluation of the cost, and risk assessment.

The current project portfolio: Geographically, our investments and interests have been implemented in Russia, South-East Asia, and North America.

Our portfolio companies operate in the following sectors:

·         Exploration and extraction of nonferrous metal ores,

·         Production of raw materials/semiproducts for end manufacturers of consumer goods,

·         Consumer services,

·         Logistic services,

·         Other sectors: mainly, consumer market-oriented.