About Us

The origins and development of the Russian stock market dates from the 1890s when the first stock exchanges emerged and market activities became streamlined. A century later, "Spectr Invest" was formed. Spectr Invest began because of a passion for building proprietary mathematical analytical models and assessment of investment attractiveness of Issuers that was shared by fellow graduates of The Mechanics and Mathematics Department of Moscow State University.

The young and aggressive team of Spectr Invest is appealing to professionals whose career growth has taken place in major investment companies and international foundations. During the recession of 2008-2009, with already 18 of years of experience, Spectr not only survived but posted positive momentum and growth of managed assets - they had increased sevenfold in a two years time. A perfectly arranged control system allows us to timely assess the situation and plan actions aimed at improving the company’s performance. Proposed strategies of Trust Management were first tested on personal funds of the founders of the company. "What makes us really different from anyone else is that we first learned to manage our own money before offering our skills on the market", remarked CEO, Viktor Bocharov. Today, the company's assets total about 1 billion rubles.

Stock market professionals and participants have renowned "Spectr Invest" as a hard-working team marked by high agility and stability along with proprietary techniques of the management and analysis of Issuers. The company is a member of the investment community: a member of SRO NAUFOR, a leading provider of MICEX, one of the TOP -5 largest investment companies in terms of a trust management (1 H 2011 RBC), a professional participant of the securities market. Spectr Invest has been assigned with the maximum reliability ratings within “В” investment groups by leading Russian rating agencies; BBB (National Rating Agency), В++ (AK&M). The company maintains high standards of business transparency, acts as an expert for the leading business mass media, and strives to meet clients’ requirements to ensure the most advanced technological service and for developing service in the framework of Trust Management. The company holds perpetual licenses for brokerage, dealer, depositary, securities management activities, and activities of an exchange intermediary performing futures and option transactions in the exchange trade.

We are just getting started! We predict unlimited success as we develop and grow together with the Russian stock market. Our knowledge, our own procedures of Issuers analysis and management team makes us an attractive partner. We are ready to offer you solutions to attain all your current and future financial goals. Are you ready?